How to use tasks

What are tasks and why are they necessary? Well, whenever a funeral home is given a new job to conduct a funeral, there is usually a myriad of steps that a funeral director and/or staff members have to do - arrange interviews with the family of the deceased, apply for Government certificates, liaise with third parties to organize the funeral service and many many other things. Moreover, these steps often have to be done in a particular order.

Given the complexity of the process, it is easy to forget something, miss a deadline or make some other mistake. Funeral Buddy makes the process a lot easier to manage and makes it a lot harder to make a mistake. When you create a funeral in the Funeral Buddy software it automatically lists all the tasks that various people in the funeral home have to do, as well as the order in which these tasks need to be done. For every task, you can see by which date the task has to be done. You can also see which tasks have been completed and which ones are overdue.

Moreover, you can tailor the Tasks engine in Funeral Buddy to your custom needs - if in your funeral home business, you perform very specific tasks that Funeral Buddy does not support out-of-the-box, you can easily provide the description of such custom tasks to Funeral Buddy and it will include these tasks in the process.

Please make sure that you watch the following video that explains tasks in more detail.

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